Gail Corbin is a leading exponent in the technique and repertory of Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman.  Her longtime association with Ernestine Stodelle, an original member of the Humphrey/Weidman Company, began with Ernestine’s reconstructions of “Two Ecstatic Themes” and “Air for the G String” for the Jose Limon Company in 1977.  Gail assisted her in these reconstructions and served as a model for the solo roles. She has continued to teach and perform these works along with other Humphrey reconstructions such as “The Call and Breath of Fire”, “Quasi Waltz”, “The Shakers” and “Water Study.”  Because Ms. Corbin took part in these reconstructions and assisted Ms. Stodelle in the rebirth of these movements, Gail possesses a rich and vast knowledge of the works and a deep understanding of the technique.  She taught all levels of technique in Stodelle’s Silo Studio for over twenty years.  Under the direction of Beatrice Seckler, also an original member of the Humphrey/Weidman group and Deborah Carr, who worked with Mr. Weidman, Gail learned many Weidman dances and was a featured dancer/soloist in The Deborah Carr Theatre Dance Ensemble. She has also worked with Peter Hamilton and Nona Shurman.
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